#LifeWithCharlie - Counting Down The Days

We have a year to go before Charlie’s off to school and I’m already FREAKING!

On top of all the norms, like is she ready? Am I ready? And will she be OK? (I know she will, but STILL), I am worried that she won’t make friends.

Charlie is a VERY big personality and seems to interact better with older kids. She always has, actually. I find when she is playing with her cousins that are pretty much the same age as her, she’s BOSSY!

She likes to make her own rules and change them as she goes…it’s really hard to color with her (LOL), she won’t let me use the colors I want and sometimes I’m not even allowed to have my own picture!

She’s also a ‘know-it-all’. But like, actually. She is SO smart and VERY articulate. It kind of makes her a bit of a show off, TBH.

I had her in daycare last year but when she switched classrooms and teachers, she did NOT wanna go back. She would get anxiety the night before her days there and it just wasn't worth it to me, at the time. I was lucky to have other options for her so I took her out and I now think that may have been a mistake.

We had talked about putting her back in this year but now with her diabetes, I am the one with anxiety about sending her. I know that I have to let her go and trust that she will be in good hands but it's still so new to us!

I am sure that Charlie is going to grow up to be an incredible, independent woman with goals and great values but getting there is going to be the DEATH of me!