#LifeWithCharlie - Daddy's Girl :(

My ‘Mama’s Girl’ has turned into ‘Daddy’s Girl’ and honestly, I’m SO JEALOUS!

See, Charlie and I are like, ‘Ride Or Die’ BFFS…Or at least, we WERE.

When Charlie was first diagnosed with T1D, her Dad and I decided that we would do our best to keep her with us as much as possible. So, I’m with her until mid-morning then he takes over until I get home at 630(ish). Don’t get me wrong, the Nana’s and Poppy’s are doing great with her blood checks and carb counting but I know they are nervous about it all and it’s a lot to put on others. So it’s just easier to do as much of it on our own as we can.

Now, BECAUSE of this new ‘schedule’, Charlie is with her Dad WAY more than me and you know Dad’s…They do all the fun stuff and leave all the rules and cleaning stuff to us. No? That’s just our house?

Either way, Charlie is now a ‘Daddy’s Girl’ and I HATE it! Now I know how he must have felt about her and I for the past couple years!

He is a super great Dad and we are lucky to have him so it’s not a bad thing, it’s just a hard thing for ME.

I’ll get over it.