#LifeWithCharlie - Girl Can JAM

There is NOTHING in the WORLD my Kid loves more than MUSIC!

All types of music, too. Sure, we get your everyday, ‘Let it Go’, Whatever that Moana song is and ‘Mommy finger/Daddy finger’ (GET OUT OF MY HEAD) but Charlie’s specialty is Kesha! The kid is OBSESSED!

The other night I come home to her having a ‘dance party’ and this Kesha song comes on and I’m like, “Charlie, Do you even know this song?” (I didn’t) On POINT, she got up on her stage (which is a foot stool) grabbed her microphone and belted out, “Are you dancin’ on a dancefloor or drinkin by the bar”

Guess she knows it LOL

She has other faves too, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Macklemore and as of late that Marshmallow and Ann Marie track, ‘Friends’. Have you heard it?

We were at my Brother in laws for a camp out and there was karaoke by the fire before bed. Well, Charlie was THRILLED! The majority of the family at the camp out are all about country music so after her Aunt did a Dolly Parton song and her Aunt’s friend did Carrie Underwood, it REALLY stood out when Charlie got up to do that one (Friends)

I’m sure there will be some ‘Mom-Shaming’ coming my way for letting my 4 year old listen to some of the music that I do but whatever…I work at a radio station…The BEST radio station and Charlie is our #1 fan!