#LifeWithCharlie - Halloween!

Let’s be real…Sugar and kids are a dangerous mix, but add diabetes to the mix and you’ve got a hot MESS!

EVERYWHERE we go there’s candy and chocolate and Charlie is DESPERATE for it! Yes, she can TOTALLY have some here and there but not like most kids. Just the other night, when she couldn’t have candy, she screamed and cried, “I don’t want to have diabetes! Why do I have to have diabetes!!??”

Hear that? That was the sound of MY HEART BREAKING INTO A MILLION PIECES.

And we haven’t even gone trick-or-treating yet L

I DID, however get some advice from a friend to get rid of a good chunk of her candy; Go through it all together, let her pick a handful and then trade the rest for something like a book or small toy. I never even THOUGHT of that!

Charlie would NEVER turn down a new LOL doll…Not even for yummy candy!

Wish me luck!