#LifeWithCharlie - I've ALWAYS Been A Mom

I think the first time I realized that I was the ‘Mom’ in our group of friends was waaaay back in the day at a house party. I didn’t know the person having it but their bathroom was ATROCIOUS, so I cleaned it. Not like, full on scrubbin’ the toilet or anything but I tidied it up, wiped the boy pee and gave it the ol' woman’s touch.

To this day, even before I had Charlie, any time I go out with friends, I have snacks on hand. Cheese and cracker packs, chocolate, nuts…you name it…I likely had it.

I was always the one to stay up after the party to CLEAN…Whether the party was at my house or at a friend’s.

At my house, there’s always an extra toothbrush for unexpected overnight guests and don’t even get me started on food. I feed EVERYONE! It’s just what I do….

And quite frankly, I love to do it. All of it.

Which friend are you?