#LifeWithCharlie - I Want My BALLERINA!!

I couldn’t WAIT for Charlie to join ballet! All the kid does is dance, so I thought it would be perfect for her!

For Christmas we got her the shoes and her Nana got her the most ADORABLE little outfits! (They call them leotards? Is that right?)

Now, I’m no fool, ballet can be pricey so we went the HRM Rec route to start. $24 for an 8 week program Sign us up!

The first week was heartbreaking for me! The parents aren’t allowed in the classroom … Don’t you worry though, there’s a window ;)

Five minute before the class ends, the parents are invited in to watch what they learned…MY HEART! <3

The second class was kinda sad too. Charlie wanted NOTHING to do with it. I eventually got her IN the class but she just sat and watched. It sucks ‘cause even after just ONE class she seemed to really get it!

Class 3 – Didn’t happen. “I’m too sick to ever go out for the rest of my life” #DRAMA

Class 4 – NOPE.

So now, I’m left with making the final decision for her. She SAYS she wants to go this week but I have my doubts and I don’t want to hold up her space in the class in case there is another little dancer out there that couldn’t get into the class in the first place.

Maybe it’s too late now anyway? Friggin’ KIDS.