#LifeWithCharlie - It Hurts When They Hurt

It’s times like these I don’t think I’m cut out for this whole ‘Mom thing’.

The other night, Charlie was wound up playing and the inevitable happened. She fell and smashed her face. More specifically, her teeth.

There wasn’t a whole lot of blood but there were plenty of tears. (Mostly mine)

The next day the whole inside of her lip was BLACK and it looked as though the tooth pushed back. Because of the Remembrance Day holiday, Monday, We had to wait ‘till TUESDAY to take her to her Dentist.

We got in today and my brave lil’ baby bear was a PRO! She had x-rays and everything! (Not an easy task for 3 year olds, I’m told)

Turns out her tooth will likely discolor and DIE!!! WTF!!?? My precious  lil’ girls tooth is gonna DIE!? Just like that?! Why isn’t there a rewind option in life!?

The fact that she isn’t in pain is extremely lucky and for THAT, I’m thankful but honest to Pete.

We are now on watch for an infection which would result in EXTRACTING the tooth.

Did I mention it’s her perfect lil’ front tooth?

Lord help me if she ever breaks a bone.