#LifeWithCharlie - It's A Thankless Job. Period.

Why do we ‘thank’ our partners for doing things they SHOULD be doing in the first place? Or more so, why do we ask them to ‘help us out’?

I ALWAYS catch myself doing it. “Thanks for emptying the dishwasher, Bub”, “Could you help me out and change Charlie’s 3rd explosion today, doll face”. Although it IS helping me out and I AM thankful, NO. Just. NO.

We are a team. We are BOTH responsible for keeping our ‘ship afloat, so to speak. Living with another person can be REALLY hard sometimes. Sharing space and responsibilities and especially FOOD ;)

Don’t get me wrong, My ‘Bubs’ does his best to help out and anytime I DO thank him, he calls me out on it and says he doesn’t get why I do it. I don’t know why I do either.

We are partners. We are equal. We definitely don’t do things the same way, because let’s face it; I can’t force him to be right ;). What’s important is that we work together to maintain a happy, healthy family….And it wouldn’t suck to have a house that isn’t full of goldfish crumbs and laundry mountains.

All I ask is for him to be the great father and partner he already is, do his share around the house and carry the heavy groceries up the stairs….So far so good, but it’s time to lay off the ‘thank yous’.