#LifeWithCharlie - Let's Talk

In light of #BellLetsTalk day tomorrow I thought I’d share my story. That’s the theme this year. Story sharing.

Weeks before finding out I was pregnant with Charlie I had had enough! Something just wasn’t ‘right’. I was ALWAYS sad. I’d cry every single day. I didn’t want to go out with friends. I didn’t even really want to talk to friends. And there was NO reason for it. I had (have) a wonderful guy in my life, we had just bought a house together and I have a pretty cool job ;)

SO, I said enough is enough and went to my family doctor.

She told me what I already knew. I was depressed.

I know some people would really rather NOT take medication for it as a first line of defense but I am not those some people. To be honest at the time I don’t think I would have been able to talk to anyone anyway. Therapist–wise, that is.

Fast forward 2 weeks. I C A N N O T stop throwing up. It was AWFUL!! My doctor, the pharmacist and everyone else assured me that the meds were not to blame. HOW THOUGH?!

On a whim I say to the hubby, go get me a pregnancy test. Sure enough, we were pregnant.

So was I just hormonal and NOT depressed?

Fast forward to Charlie’s 1st Birthday. I’m crying ALL the time AGAIN. That’s normal as a new Mom though, right? I was TERRIFED to ask. I thought if I said anything to anyone that someone would take Charlie from me. I was obviously an unfit Mother.

I have a VERY sweet (NEW) doctor at this point and I eventually gathered up the gall to make an appointment and ask for help.

It was the BEST decision I ever made.

So what I have to take a pill every morning to get by. I’m getting; by aren’t I?

I know it’s hard but if you or someone you love is struggling, TALK ABOUT IT! Sometime all you need to do IS talk but either way, it’s the first step towards a healthier, HAPPIER you.