#LifeWithCharlie - Potty Time Part Deux

I woke up today thinking I would share my triumphs in potty traing with you and the first thing I see when I sign in to Facebook is this:

It was two years ago today that I braved up and started introducing Charlie to the potty. Actually, she let ME know that she was interested and I just went with it.

Needless to say, it didn't 'take off' like I had hoped. I mean, she WAS only 2 at the time. 

At home she almost never used the potty but at her Nana's, she was ALL ABOUT it. I guess maybe because she spends a longer period of time there when I'm work. It was a more consistant environment?

I didn't push. I would encourage, but never push. "You can lead a kid to the potty but you can't make them pee".

The year was coming to an end and so was my tolereance for changing a 3 year olds 'adult like' poopy diapers. (GAG)

I decided I would take two weeks vacation and HAMMER DOWN!

We took the first few days to have fun! We went shopping and had sleepovers with friends and then it was GO TIME.

I put the potty in the livingroom, where we spent most of our time and it litterally took two days for her to get it. By day 4 we were ready to leave the house 'pull-up free'!

We have had a few 'accidents' here and there and so far only one of them was number 2 (BLESS).

Now before you think, "must be nice', keep in mind that this is only a daytime thing. The nighttime thing is a whole new ball game. Charlie drinks A LOT of water and pees A LOT at night. Like, I have to change her while she's sleeping before I go to bed because she has peed THAT much. (Yes, I am going to check with her Doctor on it)

SO. The nighttime training....How is it?