#LifeWithCharlie - Raising A Strong Girl Requires A Strong Drink (Or 2)

I assume every parent has that first, "where did he/she learn that" moment.

Actually, we have it several times a week sometimes, right?

I loved the first ACTUAL apologies, compliments (Mommy, you're so handsome) and reassurances that "I'm always behind you, Mama". (she ACTUALLY says that to me)

This past weekend, as BEAUTIFUL as she is and as SWEET as she CAN be, she was a top shelf BRAT.

We start to settle in for our nap and suddenly she LOSES it! A pretty predictable situation at this point in life BUT this time during her 'time out', I listened to her SPITTING in her room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where the EFF dis she get THAT from!? SPITTING!!!!??

Is the threenanger thing REALLY worse than the terrible twos!?

Seems so.