#LifeWithCharlie - Shout Outs

I just wanna…OK…NEED to take a minute to shout out all of the AMAZING people I work with and all of the AMAZING people in our community for all of the support that Charlie and I have been getting for her walk this Sunday.

We are only 3 and a half months in with this whole T1D thing so we still have NO IDEA what we are doing but the one thing we KNEW we were going to do, is get involved with JDRF. Days after Charlie’s diagnosis, I reached out to the foundation to offer any help we could give and that DAY I was on the walk committee and Charlie became a ‘Youth Ambassador’ (Which to her, just means she has diabetes and gets to go on stage with Mommy to hand out prizes LOL)

We started with a goal to raise $500. We are currently sitting at $2,299.00.

Most of that were simply online donations. So to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, THANK YOU.

This morning Charlie hosted a breakfast at the station.

There were eggs, pastries, juice (Thank you street #Team100) and SAUSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cavicchi’s Meat’s in Tantallon is somewhere our family eats A LOT. Their products are all gluten free, locally sourced and DELICIOUS!  My Husband just called them up and told them about our fundraiser and just like that they donated a TON of sausage. Charlie was actually calling it our ‘Sausage Party’…Little does she know…Hahahahaha

So, to Venessa and EVERYONE at Cavicchi’s…THANK YOU.

Because we have to look GOOD for this Sunday’s ‘Sunlife Walk To Find A Cure For Diabetes’, the AMAZING crew at ‘Headline Promotional Products’ On Bayne Street here in Halifax whipped up our team shirts that I am DYING to see!! We pick them up tomorrow so I will post pics ASAP.

Sarah, to you and your crew, THANK YOU.

And last but certainly not least, thank you to everyone helping behind the scenes, running errands, cooking, making calls, and basically any and EVERYTHING you can to support us on this journey…THANK YOU.

I TRULY believe that there WILL be a cure for Diabetes in Charlie’s lifetime and if it weren’t for generous people like YOU, we wouldn’t stand a chance. So one last time, THANK YOU. XO