#LifeWithCharlie - #SquadGoals

I wanted to take this week’s post and dedicate it to my ‘squad’.

12 sleeps from now, I’m marrying my BEST FRIEND. Our wedding is immediate family-only, with the exception of 2 friends each. Because of the limited guest list, we had ZERO expectations for any kind of ‘’Bachelor/Bachelorette” parties.

We both got them. In a BIG way!

My 2 closest gals in the world planned an ENTIRE day/night for me. I had my hair and makeup done, we ate, we drank, we threw AXES and we laughed and laughed the night away.

Of ALL the AMAZING things these girls lined up for me, the MOST amazing was that they included my Charlie in the day. We were picked up at 10am and told NOTHING! We stopped to pick up a surprise guest (BF living in Vancouver) and headed downtown.

The girls took us to the INCREDIBLE Discovery Center for the morning and then for lunch at Charlie’s favorite place, Cora’s. It may seem like NBD, but it meant THE WORLD to Charlie and I. This is her wedding too and I can’t thank my crew enough for helping make these special memories for us.

So, from now on when I see #SquadGoals on social media, Ill know that my squad is exactly that. #GOALS.