#LifeWithCharlie - Sugar FREE!

Guess what guys! I found something that works better than yelling!! NO SUGAR!!!

Well, no crappy sugar…

After a conversation with my BFF who looks after Charlie through the week, I realized that there really was something about Charlie’s behavior that was out of the ordinary…especially for her.

Muff (No, none of my friends have normal names) was at her wits end with Charlie hitting and not listening…We all were. On a whim I asked if she had eaten much sugar that day and although she hadn’t had much, we decided to take sugar out of her diet for the next couple of days to see what happened.

It was a TOTAL 360!

Charlie was finally her sweet self again…Without the sweet ;)

I wasn’t 100% sure we were on the right path until late last week I came home to one wound up lil’ bugger. Her Dad is diabetic, so I didn’t even mention the sugar thing to him because he’s DIABETIC and shouldn’t HAVE sugar. Well, he did and he shared it with her….for the last time.

THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING…That Charlie isn’t allowed to have anymore.