#LifeWithCharlie - Summer Vacation!

The 1st OFFICIAL #HughesSummerVacation was a HUGE success!

The week started off with my baby turning 3! We took her cousins and BFF to Build-A-Bear, which was AMAZING!! Charlie built a kitty named, Strawberry <3

The next morning our #GirlSquad (8 of us) set off in search of the UNBELIVIBLY BEAUTIFUL, Carter’s Beach…Like, have you been?! It’s like a little Jamaica here in NS.


Mid-week we picked up the in-laws and head to Moncton where we did Magnetic Hill Zoo and of course, Magic Mountain. Charlie had been to the Aylsford Zoo when she was little(er) but that Zoo really has NOTHING on this one…She pet the goats, met flamingos and rode a horse!

Thursday was C100 Day @ Magic Mountain and it was AWESOME! Charlie must have gone down the waterslides 100 times…I couldn’t believe her confidence on them. It was like she’d done it 100 time before.

After a trip to Masstown Market (my FAVE) and a close call with a bear on the highway, we hit up a BBQ with some newer friends of ours and then wrapped up the week with what we called a ‘hot dog party’ with other new friends! I love new friends…Especially ones with KIDS!

All in all, it was a week with my family that I’ll never forget…I wish you could have been there, you would have had a BLAST!

Next summer, I’m taking TWO weeks off.