#LifeWithCharlie - Survival Of The Slowest @ The Discovery Centre!!

I say this about every exhibit at the Discovery Centre but maaaaaaaaaan. Their latest, 'Survival Of The Slowest' Is AWESOME!

Charlie has NEVER gone to the DC and not BEGGED to head up to 'Someday Street'...It's her FAVE. But this time, not only did she not ask...We DIDN'T EVEN GO AT ALL!!

There are iguanas, spiders, snakes, tortoises, chameleons and of course, EVERYONE'S favorite - The Sloth!

With this particular exhibit, there are live presentations and they are SO interesting and even more so, FUNNY!

Charlie and I learned so much about these lazy little guys...They're a lot like me, tbh ;)

We watched a lizzard eat a mouse and did you know that there is a breed of moths that grow off of the moss that grows on Sloths? Crazy, right?

Charlie actually ASKED to see the snakes after the show (EEEKKKK)

I don't want to spoil anymore so make sure you get in there before the end of Spetember and make sure you check ahead for the presentation times HERE!!

Oh!! ANNNND don't miss their 19+ event June 22nd, 'Discovery After Dark: Wild Things'. Maybe you'll even WIN a piar of passes on the show this week ;) Finger crossed!