#LifeWithCharlie - Team JDRF

So, JDRF is sending 24 families to Parliment Hill, Ottawa for "Kids for a Cure Lobby Day". Part of the application process is to share what it's like living with Type 1 Diabetes everyday and what a cure would mean to you. OBVI, Charlie can't write it herself so I put myself in her head and this is what I came up with...What'cha think?

"My name is Charlotte Hughes, but everyone (besides my Poppy Milton) calls me, Charlie.


I was born on August 13th, 2014…I’m turning FOUR this August and I’m so excited for my party. This year we are going to an indoor play park called hop skip jump and my Aunt Erin is making us ‘poop emoji’ cupcakes. My Poppy doesn’t think it’s funny but Mommy and Daddy do.

When I was 2 and a half years old, my Mommy wouldn’t let me eat sugar anymore. No more cookies, cakes, popsicles or ANYTHING! I was so mad at her but it was for the best. Every time I ate something sweet, I would get over excited and have a hard time calming myself down.

This past February, Mommy and Daddy noticed how thirsty I was ALL THE TIME and decided that they’d better take me to my Doctor. She said that I had to go for something called bloodwork. It sounded kinda scary and I didn’t really like the needles but I was brave and I got some really cool toys for being a good girl.

Two days later my Doctor called Mommy to tell her that I had Type One Diabetes.

We spent an entire DAY at the IWK hospital. I was poked and pried at until we were finally allowed to go home. I didn’t understand that what I had was something the hospital couldn’t fix. I didn’t know my Mommy was going to have to poke my finger so many times a day. I didn’t get why I had to eat at the same time every day and get needles when I do.

I didn’t know that I would have Diabetes forever.

Mommy says that if we work really hard and raise lots of money for JDRF that I might not HAVE to have it forever. So, she joined the foundation as a volunteer and I decided to be a Youth Ambassador for JDRF, here in Nova Scotia. I’ve made a lot of new friends that have to do and eat the same things I do and have SO MUCH FUN hosting all of the walks

I want to be on Team JDRF because I want to find a cure for me and my friends."