#LifeWithCharlie - The Christmas Kerfuffle

How do you keep it all straight at Christmas?!

Every family has a different way of celebrating and it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep up!

Little Johnny’s stocking is filled by Santa but Little Susie’s is filled by Mom. Timmy is allowed to ask for 3 gifts but Josie can ask for as many as she wants.

OUR family keeps it pretty simple, Charlie can ask Santa for 3 gifts, she opens one from us on Christmas Eve and her stocking is a job for BOTH Santa and Mommy.

And as for Santa…Bedford Place Mall is all I have to say. Anywhere else, they’re ‘helpers’.

I mean, is that a thing? Should I have ever even SAID that?! It’s SO confusing!

How old IS Santa? How DOES he get in a house without a chimney?

I guess the answer is and always will be, magic. It’s all simply magic.