#LifeWithCharlie - To Meat Or Not To Meat

“Mommy!! We’re not animals so WE don’t eat animals, right”?!

Like, what do I even DO with that?!

I grew up eating meat and thinking nothing of it. It’s just what we did. By the time I put two and two together, that the hamburger in my happy meal was that cute cow I had just pet at the farm, I had a bout of guilt and regret but in the end, I’m a meat eater.

Veganism had grown in a HUGE way over the years and more and more families are raising their kids meat-free, which is GREAT but it got me thinking, what’s gonna be my angle with Charlie? Do I bring it up? Do I lay out her options? I mean, she’s 3!

Well, the other day, Charlie and I are just drivin’ along and she starts telling me about a cartoon she had watched where a fox was trying to cook a duck and she laughed about it and asked, “What DO foxes eat, Mommy”?? Oh boy. Here we go, I think to myself. “Well, Charlie, foxes probably do eat ducks actually…”


“Sometimes animals eat other animals, Baby”.

“OK, but MOMMY! We aren’t animals so WE don’t eat animals, right”??!!

I have yet to answer that question. I don’t know what to say to her?! Do I explain to a THREE year old that, yes, we do?! Do I lie and say no until she’s old enough to FULLY get it? Do I just leave it alone and PRAY it never comes up again? (LOL)

I would have ZERO issue with providing a vegan menu for her if that was something she wanted but would that really BE what she wanted?!


I need a salad.