#LifeWithCharlie - Toddlers & Taverns

Tonight, I’ll be THAT Mom. The Mom that brings her ‘baby’ to the ‘bar’.

OK, so my BFF’s Hubby has a gig downtown at a restaurant/pub Tuesday nights at 7pm. We have been trying to make it down but our schedules are JAMMED now that we are trying to keep Charlie at home for the most part. I work, he watches her. I get home, he works.

Tonight is his LAST night performing and I am NOT missing it! And neither is my husband, SO Charlie is coming with.

I called the venue to check out their policy and I was told there IS a kids menu and as long as the kitchen is open, Charlie is welcome. THAT said, we are going to have a bite to eat, listen to a song or 3 TOPS and head out.

Even though we will only have her there for 1.5 hours at the most, I can GURANTEE, it’s gonna rub some people the wrong way.  Trust me, I GET IT! You are out on the town getting away from YOUR kids so why should you have to put up with MINE?!

You know why? Because sometimes it’s the only way I get to get out.  

Besides, she’ll be the life of the party. You’re gonna LOVE HER, I SWEAR! ;)