#LifeWithCharlie - Walk Wrap!

I feel like I couldn’t do all of that lead up to the JDRF Walk to Find A Cure For Diabetes and NOT fill you in on how the day went…

First and foremost, it was BLOODY COLD! And that WIND!!??? Holy moly.

We hit Dewolfe Park at about 9am and spent a few hours checkin’ out all the cool kids stuff they had set up, which was A LOT! There was face painting, a kids tattoo table, a bouncy castle a game truck, live music and a TON of food!

The thing with T1D, if you aren’t familiar, is that ALL of that exciting stuff makes for a very excited little girl and very excited little girls sugars are at risk of dropping and boy did they!

I mean, she was low before we even left the house so I just kept pumpin’ her full of juice and whatever else I could get into her as often as I COULD get it into her.

Outside of that worry, which is a daily thing anyway, we had a BLAST!!!

That wind didn’t stop an amazing turn out! There were a total for 44 team registered this year!

We did some dancing, we did some warmin’ up, we did some walkin’ and we did some eatin’. It was how Sunday’s are meant to be. Friends, family, food and FUN!

Oh…You wanna know how much we raised for the cause?

An easy breezy, BEAUTIFUL $72,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So again, for any and everything you did to help…even simply following along with our journey,