#LifeWithCharlie - Wee Ones At Work

Is brining your kid to work ideal? Probably not.

Should you be able to bring your kid to work with you if you’re in a jam? Again, probably not which is why I am dedicating this post to my Employer, Bell Media, but more specifically, Boss Brad Muir.

Since Charlie’s T1D diagnosis, my Husband and I have had to rework our schedules to accommodate her. Our parents take her when they can but they can’t always, plus, not everyone is ‘comfortable’ with doing her checks and/giving her insulin. I mean, it really is a LOT to manage, especially since we are only a few months into this new life of ours. If we (as her parents) haven’t figured it out yet, the Grandparents DEFINITELY haven’t figured it out.

That said, I don’t think you ever REALLY figure it out. You just do your best to keep up with all the highs and lows that come with T1D.

There have been a few times (already) that I had no one to help. Her father works from home (luckily) but he can only put off his work for so long. We have bills; customers need their cars (He runs an autobody shop)…Life keeps happening no matter what you’ve got on the go.

So, in my time(s) of need, I turned to my Boss, Brad. He didn’t even HESITATE when I suggested bringing Charlie with me! She LOVES coming to Mommy’s work. She gets to dance to all her favorite songs, watch her shows on her tablet and visit her radio family!

Obviously not every workplace is even able to accommodate this situation, but when they are, I hope that your Boss is as understanding and supportive as mine.

Thanks Boss Brad!!