#LifeWithCharlie - Week 3 With Type 1

Can I just be straight with you?


We’re navigating our way through week 3(?) of Diabetes and although somedays seem like no big deal at all, others, like today, feel like HELL.

The 11pm and 3am blood checks are still a thing and quite frankly, am over it. I used to go to bed by at least 10 so I would be getting up with 2 alarms through the night. Now, I just force myself to stay awake ‘till the 11pm and just get up for the 3am.

I know what you’re thinking…Where’s Daddy through all this. Honestly he is doing a great job but the ‘Mom’ in me just takes over and takes it all on myself. I KNOW you know what I mean. You’ve done it. Plus, if she wakes up during it and it’s not me…Look out!!

Then there’s her diet. ALL I THINK ABOUT ALL DAY EVERYDAY IS FOOD!!! She wants to eat when she can’t and doesn’t want to eat when she has to. I can’t win.

Overall we are doing REALLY well with the adjustments and I’m not looking for any sympathy, here. I just needed to vent.

Thanks for letting me.