#LifeWithCharlie - What Happens @ Nana's House, Stays @ Nana's House.

I know it’s the Grandparents ‘job’ to spoil our kids but there’s a line…Isn’t there?

Let me start this by saying, I 100% appreciate EVERYTHING my Mom & Dad do for my Charlie, but I worry that them giving her whatever she wants whenever is gonna turn her into a brat…Even if she’s only there one day a week.

When it comes to buying her stuff, I’m cool. My Mom has AWESOME taste in toys and clothes. When it comes to food, however, I’m not quite as cool.

I don’t mind her having a chocolate treat here and there but right before lunch? Probably not a great idea.

Then there’s the whole ‘suppertime’ debate. When we go to Nana and Poppy’s for a roast dinner, Charlie is eating the roast dinner. Not the mac and cheese that Nana always keeps a stash of (LOL) for when the kids are being fussy. They aren’t gonna starve…If they’re hungry, they’ll eat and they’ll eat what everyone else is eating. Luckily, Charlie’s not a picky eater, in fact, I truly believe she has seagull guts…She eats EVERYTHING.

Alla that said, I know it’s just something I have to suck up. For decades now, Nana’s house is where anything goes and as long as my Charlie is happy, I’m happy.