#LifeWithCharlie - Where Does She Learn This Stuff?!

The SECOND I let "Oh Sh**" Slip, my little parrot blasts it back on replay like she's DJ Khaled, but the 55 times I have to tell her to STOP trying to feed the cat soapy water, she hears NOTHING!

So, that said, the few times she dropped a, 'sh** or even the one time she came out with an F-bomb, I KNOW where she got that from!

...Her Dad, OBVIOUSLY. ;)

It's the way she presents things that boggles my mind.

Just last night she was giving our BFF a tour of our new camper; "As you can see there is plenty of storage for things like, you know, chips and stuff". "AS YOU CAN SEE"??!! "PLENTY OF STORAGE"?! Where did she get that from? I mean, we do watch a lot of HGTV...Is that something she heard on there?

It's just like her and awards shows..."CARDI B'S BABY IS OUT OF HER BELLY"?!

She's 4 going on 14, but "Whatves"....Which is her new 'thing'...