So if you follow me on Instagram (www.instagram.com/melradiohalifax ) you probably recognize THIS FACE! 



This is Chop. My Social Media OBSESSION. He's a pretty good guy, likes to be chill, always has a ton of energy after he poops (TMI?)

Since I had to put my other dog Ness down back in April :( he has really changed. I mean, he always has been a bit pushy when it comes to attention, but now it's just him so he's much more relaxed. He doesn't eat his food super fast anymore. He is OBSESSED with water bottles (I don't understand how he gets the caps off), and his orange dragon which is now just a foot and part of the belly.



Breakfast (My Breakfast) is his favourite time of day, it's also around the time that my Instagram gets a Chopagram. 

Even when he jumps onto the bed into the pile of warm clean clothes Im trying to fold, he's STILL too much and waaaaaay too cute. 


I'm trying to get him out to more places last weekend we went to Peggy's Cove, I think he had fun, I tried to get a photo of him sleeping while he was sitting up on the drive home, but he caught me trying to be sneaky.


Basically, I'm obsessed with him, and he likes my breakfast, and sometimes snuggles, which is THE best thing.