Mel's World: Meat Loaf…the Artist…not the food

UPDATE: I got to try on THE Jacket! 

So excited that the documentary “Meat Loaf: In And Out Of Hell” and is now available on CraveTV!!! I will give it A LOT of my time! #LoveTheLoaf

Meat Loaf was my very first Concert when he came to Halifax for his Everything Louder Tour…so it would have been 1993/1994 (I think)



What I remember is that he had a different backdrop for EVERY.SINGLE.SONG



I remember me and My Best Friend Shari singing every word to every song and the couple behind us being mad at us when we stood up to dance……


It was amazing. Now Aside from seeing Lenny Kravitz and Prince in concert Meat Loaf 100% set the bar. Every Concert I go to, that first one is the bar that everything else is measured by. Lenny Kravitz was undeniably cool, and oozed charisma, obviously seeing Prince here in Halifax changed my life. It was like a spiritual awakening, and I was left absolutely exhausted for DAYS after that show and THANK GOODNESS I had a job because I would have followed that tour across Canada.



But The Meat Loaf concert….that was something else. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to put it into words. A description of the experience is elusive, for all the best reasons. You could sing, you could dance, and Have Your Heart Broken all within three songs. Meat Loaf was a Theatre Major and obviously that is how he approaches his shows, and rightfully so. I feel like his collaboration with Jim Steinman was a project of two people who have the same sort of soul. I know there is rumor of the two of them not getting along, but I’m not sure that behind closed doors that it’s true.



So, if you are driving and come to a stop light and there is a woman singling and being overly animated, it’s probably me, singing along to ANY Meat Loaf record.


PS: “That” thing that Meat Loaf won’t do for Love, is actually 6 things. Pay attention to the line right before the Corus….

Example “I’ll never forget the way you feel right now, oh no, no way, I would do anything for Love, But I won’t do that. So the "That" this time is forgetting how you feel right now.

Here’s the album cut….