#MeatlessMonday Can you dye your hair with coffee??

The internet is full of DYI ideas and sometimes one catches your attention and you decide to try it. Going from blonde to brunette my hair was starting to fade and I saw you can use coffee as a hair gloss. Being broke, I decided to try it! Coffee is full of antioxidants so even if it didn’t work, it’s a nice hair mask.


I followed this:http://www.wikihow.com/Dye-Your-Hair-With-Coffee


So this is what my haired looked like before. They say it’s best to do it on unwashed hair, hence the greasy hair


As you can see, it makes a mess. It’s kind of runny.


Ok here we go.. now to wait an hour

Rinse out but don’t wash.


Voila the final results! It kinda worked and my hair is super soft and shiny!