#MeatlessMonday Sweet Tooth

I get asked all the time. What do vegans eat? What if you have a sweet tooth, what do you do? Don’t you miss cheesecake? You can’t make sweets without eggs and butter an you?

Well, there’s tons of amazing options and when it comes to sweets, there’s no end. Halifax has some of the most amazing vegan restaurants with some of the most decadent sweets I’ve ever eaten. If you’re looking to go out and have a coffee and dessert, here’s some must go places in Halifax.


Wild Leek. There cupcakes are unreal. My boyfriend (who is not vegan) said it was the BEST cupcake he ever had and he didn’t know it was vegan until I told him. They have a bunch of other sweets to like brownies and nanamo bars.


You haven’t lived until you’ve tried the Chocolate Tofu pie at the Wooden Monkey.


One reason vegetarians never go vegan is the thought of never eating cheese again is hard to fathom BUT luckily we have amazing restaurants like EnVie who have mastered making non dairy cheese. They’re cheesecakes are to die for. Try their butterscotch cheesecake!


In the summer, Humani T makes soy gelato which satisfies your ice cream cravings.


Oh and if you’re just at the grocery store looking for something sweet, Oreos are accidentally vegan and we couldn’t be happier.