#MeatlessMonday Vegan Celebrities

Veganism is becoming more and more popular. There’s so many reason to consider veganism. Not just for the humane reason of not eating another living thing. Every year, people freak out at the Yulin Dog Festival but really, why is it so wrong to eat dog but cows and pigs are fair game.

In the states, over 250,000 animals are killed AN hour. Without even getting into the mistreatment of animals let’s talk about how they are pumped with steroids and antibiotics and many of these animals get sick from awful living conditions and then you eat them?! Ever wonder why cancers and autism is on the rise? Could it be all the fake food we’re putting in our body?!

There’s so many documentaries available everywhere to educate about what we are putting in to our bodies. I promise you, if you watch just one, it’ll change the way you look at food. That’s how Ellen DeGeneres became a vegan. That’s how tons of celebrities became vegans and along with that lifestyle became healthier and happier.


Here’s a list of some of your favourite celebrities and their reasons for becoming vegan.