#MeatlessMonday Weight loss, exercise and food... My personal journey

New year, New you! Sadly, it doesn’t work like that. You need to be determined and motivated to change, not just do it cause of a day on a calendar. It also doesn’t happen over night!

I’d like to share my story, a story I really don’t share cause well, I was ashamed of how bad I let myself go.  I didn’t notice how bad it got till one day I saw a picture of me and didn’t recognize myself. I looked back at the last few month of how I was living and it made sense. Drinking a bottle of wine a night, eating all day, every day, anything I wanted, not exercising.  Enough is enough.. but how do I change it


Start little. I didn’t run to a gym and I never did (I lost 42 pounds without ever stepping foot in a gym!) I bought some ankle weights. I would walk 30 minutes a day and it hurt at first. I had no idea how out of shape I was. Slowly it got easier and I would push myself more and more.I didn’t starve myself or deprive myself from my favourite food. I just made healthier options. I cut out white starches and opted for brown bread and pastas. I cooked more at home and less take out. Less processed food and more real food.


These little changes made a huge difference and I could see the results which started to motivate me more. Slowly I added more exercise and diet restrictions and in 7 months I managed to lose 42 pounds without doing anything extreme. One thing that happened though is I became scared to eat certain things. I was scared that if I ate a brownie, I would gain all that weight back. It takes a while to understand that it’s good to indulge once in a while. It actually makes it easier because you’re not giving up anything you love.


Once I became a health nut, I started to watch documentaries on food and learning about what we’re putting in our bodies. Why is heart disease, cancer and obesity such an issue in North America. Then we went to Cuba. The chicken was mostly dark meat, the cows were little and not pumped with steroids and antibiotics. It was then I decides to give up meat because 1-I’m an avid animal lover and 2- I don’t like the idea of putting stuff in my body that I don’t know what it’ll do in the long run. So that was that and it was easy. Later on my eczema was really acting up and my doctor told me to stay away from dairy cause dairy is bad for your skin. Really. The doctor is telling me that dairy is bad for me. After a little research you start wondering why we drink cow’s milk. We are the only mammals that drink milk, let alone another animal’s milk after being a baby.



It’s been 2 years I’ve been a vegetarian/vegan and I’ve never looked better, felt better but most importantly, been happier. Long story short, do what’s best for you when it’s right for you. That’s how you’ll get results!