Mel's World: But My FEET HUUURRRT

The thing about trying to be active when you’re a couch potato is that excuses are a dime a dozen.

“I don’t think I drank enough water today”

“Im so tired today’

“Tomorrow is a big day so I want to make sure I’m rested”

“I just don’t WANT to go”


I know I’ve used various versions of all of these excuses. Even…I didn’t eat enough protein today (seriously?) ….Anything to let myself off the hook, and give myself a pass.


So in my most recent appointment with my Psychologist we talked about the importance of being outside, and the importance of being active even if it’s a walk in the evening. Depression and anxiety can sometimes have such a strong hold on you that you can’t possibly imagine a reality where going outside let alone for a walk is even in the realm of this universe. I understand that, I’ve been living it. But I’ve also been living this… one else, despite the people you may or may not have in your life will get you to do any of those things. It’s really up to you, you alone a responsible for you. It’s harsh, I know, but believe me it’s true. Sometimes when I have a hard day, I find those times when I’m up, either to use the washroom or get a drink, or let my dog out, I’ll make the point of having that drink on the back deck, or go outside with my dog while he does his outside stuff. Sometimes it’s only my toes that make it onto the wood of the deck, sometimes I can sit in the patio furniture. There is no one else in the backyard so it isn’t so daunting, and sometimes it’s how I’m able to convince myself to have a shower.



But more recently with the anti-depressants doing their thing, I’ve gone from days like those, to just feeling LAZY. And one of my biggest and most used excuses I tell myself is, my sneakers hurt my feet. Like they ache, the tops of my feet, the bottom, the outside edge, it’s a sharp pain and usually I end up taking my shoes off and continuing on in my sock feet. I tried different sneakers, I tried tying them tighter, looser, thicker socks, thinner socks…..but now it has finally happened. I spent…are you ready….$180 (!!!!!) on Sneakers. I’m not endorsing this type of sneaker over any other, but so far so good for me. I’m not sure what the difference is, but something is different.  They are Reebok Crossfit whatever that means, and while I still think the front of the sneaker is too loose it’s a billion-gazillion times BETTER than my other sneakers and sock feet.


The point here is that excuses are easy to come by, sometimes, it feels like the excuse is all you have, and where you are, be it in bed, or laying on the couch, is the only place you can imagine yourself being. What I desperately want you know is that there is a whole world of people who are there for when you do want to come outside. And if you do decide to lace up sneakers and join a fitness program, you’re going to find a support network that you never imagined being part of.


If you’re in it, one day, one hour, one breath at a time, and when you’re ready ($180 sneakers or not) we got you.