Mel's World: I thought y'up this is it, this is my Bosses breaking point.

Just before 8:00, I started frantically looking for my keys. I don’t have much of memory from yesterday, as the afternoon started so did a Migraine. I remember having my keys to get into the house, I remember sitting on the couch to talk to my Mom, but WHERE did I put my keys. I started in all the usual places, dumped out my purse, in the couch, looked on the kitchen counter, in the bathroom through all the drawers. Looked in the freezer, the fridge, went through my bed covers, checked the pockets of the clothes I was wearing yesterday, nothing. The only place I didn’t look was the garbage.


You know who was having a blast during this frantic search? Chop. That dog chased me around the house jumping around like he was going to the Drive-Thru to get a donut.


Around 8:30 I made the call and told my Boss, I was 100% going to be late, I can’t find my keys. Now, My Boss has been very patient, over the last few months, we have had some heavy conversations, I’ve been forgetful, unfocused, asking to leave early pretty consistently for follow-up appointments or to see my psychologist. So I’ve been asking a lot as I try to get myself back into fighting shape. He’s been understanding, and patient but I thought this is it….This will be line I cross that gets me canned, this is a HORRIBLE excuse.


Admittedly my memory has been horrifying. I’ve been in the middle of doing something and forgotten what I was doing. So having no memory of what I’ve done with my keys isn’t SUPER surprising.


I made it to work after getting a drive from a co-worker who lives in Cole Harbour, and was “only” about 26 minutes late. Shortly after arriving, I was lucky enough to start receiving these photos.



Thanks Guys. I can feel the love HAHA!