Melinda’s World: Depression isn’t over, and it could be time for an adjustment.

It’s close to a year since I experienced what I call my emotional crisis while I was on air. By close to a year I mean towards the end of the summer, so maybe I’m jumping the gun a little bit.

The side-effects I had noticed from the SSRI I’ve been taking have either run their course or become part of the “new normal” and I don’t see them or feel them anymore.

With that said, the past few weeks I have felt myself slipping, focus starting to waver a bit, the desire to stay in bed getting stronger, and the smallest inconvenience or question, seemed like the BIGGEST deal, and I have wanted NOTHING to do with it. I’m back to not getting enough sleep, constantly wanting to avoid any and all situations, and feeling like I am somehow a burden and problem to everyone around me.


So, Doctors appointment made for this week, to see what’s up; to see if there needs to be an adjustment in my dosage, or if I need to change all together. I did notice as well, that once I started to feel like I was sliding backwards into depression, that my migraines are back, or at the very least severe headaches. Maybe there is a connection there? Hopefully my doctor will help me sort through all of this and figure out a second line of attack, because I do not like who I am when I start to feel like this.

Also, my Divorce is closer to being finalized. Kitchen Renovations start soon. With summer getting closer the station is getting super busy. This could all have something to do with how I’ve been feeling. I’m also pretty sure that I’m going to have to buy a new bedframe, mine either has a hug bump in the middle, or it sinks in the middle, I tried a few things to fix it, but it isn’t working. This in itself shouldn’t seem like a BFD, but I can tell you it feels like I’m about to take on the friggin’ world, and shopping for a new bed frame should be an easy thing, lord knows I’ll sleep better but my head is telling me that it’s so much easier to ignore it.