Melinda's World: Janelle Monae's Ode to Vaginas

Janelle Monae is all things that are fantastic and good in this world. She's WICKED smart, talented, has her own label, and has never let anyone dictate to her, about her style or her music. 

If you don't know Miss Monae's music then you NEED to do yourself a favour and go back and pick up her albums. Seriously. Don't ignore me on this. 

While obsessively scrolling through youtube today I found her new video called PYNK. And it doesn't take before you know EXACTLY what she's talking about. Nothing about the video flinches about the subject matter, nor should it! It's a CELEBRATION.

I personally can't wait to have a Saturday Morning Dance Party to this BOP about Vajajays. 

Check it out here.