Melinda’s World: Make Up! Make Up! Make Up!


I often find that my ambitions way out pace what I am technically capable of. I know a bit about make up, but to actually apply it, and have it look like something is another matter. This morning I went to Eastern College the Mumford Rd Campus and met with the Instructor for the Make Up Artistry & Design program. There is a video coming next week that breaks down make up for everyday/camera, if lets say you’re making an appearance on TV. These days with HD Cameras and Television we are actually coming to a point where we can see things that your eyes can’t see in person! (Wild Right??!!) I did learn that counter to what you THINK, you don't want to put on GOBS of make up if you're infront of HD Cameras, it's all the viewers will be able to see. Instead, you want to apply make that is subtle, and more natural looking. 


So here are a few stills from this morning, I asked Heather to give us a quick demo on Cat Eye vs “Puppy Eye” on our model Morgana. As you can see the Cat Eye was (as it should be) dramatic, and because Morgana has a crease in her eye lid, you have to adjust for that so her cat eye looks right when her eye is open.


This is an example of what I’ve heard of as “Puppy Eye” basically is’s the opposite of Cat Eye (Cats and Dogs….you get it) So instead of that big dramatic wing, you bring your line down around the corner of the eye, and even soften it more by blending it.

So until next week, have fun with your make up, because Heaven knows, the only DRAMA in your life should be in your Make Up!