Melinda’s World: When Vacation (finally) goes right!

Over the past couple of years I have had it in my head that there was no point to anything. Why bother WORK on trying to be happy? Why bother keeping things, when you can’t take it with you? Get rid of ALL OF THE THINGS! Purge your closet, and dressers! Everything has to go! However, it seemed like the more I got rid of, the less happy I started to feel. Maybe it was the pressure I was putting on myself to just get rid of my things because in my head was….”When you die, it’s all going to end up in the trash or good will anyway” When you die it’s all going to be a burden on someone. When you die….when you’re gone……no one wants what you love, no one wants what you have put time and money into.


Something has changed. While I was planning this vacation I discovered a tattoo artist in England her name is Jenna Kerr, and she is BEYOND talented, and somehow the stars aligned and I was able to get a tattoo from her while I was away.


Over breakfast one day I decided I wanted to get that ear piercing that’s supposed to help with migraines, plus two more…for fun and I got to meet the lovely and talented Leah Stanmore.



….While I was away, if I saw something in a shop that I liked, and I could afford it, I bought it. Scarves, sneakers, FOOD


….. I was carefree and felt lighter than I have in ages. I saw a castle; I stood on cliffs on and looked back in the direction of Canada from the other side of the Atlantic.


While I was on vacation and in the days since I came home, I’ve come to a new realization. I have worked hard to get and earn what I have. I have worked hard, loved hard, faced massive disappointments and been absolutely heartbroken to the point where I couldn’t see things beyond my own hurting. So while getting something that I want won’t change my life, the ability to spoil myself once in a while does feel important, and I have earned the ability to do that. Giving back does feel important, if it’s my time, or supporting an animal rescue, or a friend, if I can I’m going to, why shouldn’t I? 


Sure I can’t take it with me, but maybe someone will look at my collection of DC’s and VANS and think, dang, she did have great shoes, and maybe it will make them smile.