No Spending Challenge.....sometimes you just don’t have the choice.

Since I am susceptible to marketing I truly fall for it every single time, Ive decided to give it a try. Wednesday April 10th, is day three, and the FIRST day Ive managed (so far) to avoid spending money.


Monday I came down with the rotten cold that’s been going around, and decided the best way to fight the cold was with a MOUND of French Fries, Cheese Curds and Gravy. Yes, I made poutine instead of buying cold medicine. On Monday it seemed like the smart thing to do. But, while at the Grocery store, I also decided that Chicken Alfredo some night this week would also be a good idea.

So, spent money.

Tuesday I realized someone’s Birthday was coming up, and ordered a gift to be delivered.

Spent MORE money.

Wednesday as of 3:57pm, I still haven’t spent any. YAY ME.

In case you were wondering what the No Spending Challenge is all about, here’s the coles notes of it..

No spend challenges work by setting rules for spending and then locking away those credit and debit cards. The rules can vary depending upon your needs, but primarily there’s no shopping for wants, just needs.

Some people chose to do a bit of stocking up on groceries, pet supplies and personal needs prior to their challenge.

Allowed spending on the challenge includes items such as:

  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Internet/Phone
  • Groceries, if you’re not stocking up prior
  • Gas for your vehicle

Suggested items to cut during a no spend challenge:

  • Activities
  • Eating out, coffee, drinks
  • Clothes
  • Shopping
  • Ubers/Lyft
  • Hair/Nail Services
  • Anything else that’s not a need (vs. a want)


The Coffee is a Big one for me, and to be honest, knowing I can’t spend money on fast food at lunch time means Ive never wanted a whopper more in MY.ENTIRE.LIFE


There are a ton of tips and Ideas. I’ll let you know how the month goes.