Operation Moms Bedroom Makeover

Mom’s bedroom has been the same for years, and it just isn’t working for her anymore. The colour is not awesome, and she really needs it to be decluttered. I’m not posting her bedroom before I cleared it out because I value my life. (Ha ha......but seriously) 


So this was where the room stood when I was almost ready to start attempting to remove the Headboard. My Dad made it and in the photo below it's mounted onto the wall. It really took up A LOT of room and you couldn’t move the bed around.



Because of this project I now know how to remove a stripped screw. 


FUN RIGHT!! For this one I ended up using a slightly larger than need screw driver and a hammer. Once I had something the screw driver could bite into I managed to get it out. This only took two sentences to explain but it was probably close to a hour of pacing and sighing and more pacing and google.


This tapestry that I bought at the Black Market here in Halifax, is my inspiration, the bone colour of it will be the main colour of the room, the orange is going on an accent wall, and the red will be brought in with small details on the dressers (which I’m painting the same colour as the walls), and I have a headbord with wood panels that I’m painting red. I have a black and off white rug I bought that will go under the bed to pull from the back on the Tapestry.

So My goal each night this week, is to have at least one wall primed and one “Mini-project” done. I have help coming Friday night to help with the sanding and painting of the dressers, and help on Saturday to paint the walls the final colour, and help on Sunday to do the final put together (hopefully), and declutter.


And yes the bathroom renovation is being done by professionals, if I think getting a stripped screw out of a wall is an accomplishment, imagine where I’d be if I have to figure out plumbing!


Next week (If everything goes well) I’ll post the result of the bedroom makeover….after she’s home of course on the off chance she sees the post. Honestly there are spoilers in this so I hope Mom is enjoying Vacation too much to have a look.


Remember SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is a secret! 



The red is coming throughas Pink, this is after 2 coats....I think I'll pick up a high Gloss black paint sample on my way home today and paint over it.