Operation Moms Bedroom Makeover – Update

So Mom’s room is finished and she LOVES it. Thank Goodness!


Right off the top I have to thank my friends who helped, Elizabeth Normore, Mary Ann Hindy, Electa Scott Graham, and Jessica Croll. I was close to overwhelmed on Friday night when Elizabeth arrived for the first time, and I’ve never been more grateful. Obviously the biggest task was painting the room. To Be Honest the orange wall probably could stand a third coat, and the bone colour we painted the rest of the room looks great.


So there were three Mini Projects that I took on for the Bedroom Makeover. I am honestly surprised at how easy (except for one) they all turned out to be.


I wanted to keep a hint of Dad in Moms room, and Dad was a hunter, so there are a few sets on Antlers around the house. I used the smallest set, and I believe they are also the oldest. I did decide to paint them, I could have left them alone but I didn’t want them to grab your eye as soon as you walked into the room. I started by priming them with regular wall primer, 2 coats just in case, then a coat of paint in the same colour as the wall and two coats of varnish. I picked up some flowers from Michaels during a sale and did my best to stay in the colour scheme of the room.  I just glued the flowers on with a hot glue gun and used a picture hook on the back. This is now a Necklace rack! It cute and adds a bit of sparkle to the room with the jewelry.


**Full disclosure We did hang more necklaces on it after the reveal and they did fall off of the wall, so I’ve got to sort something else out.**



The three canvases I’ve hung above her bed were SUPER easy. Three of the biggest ones I could find from the dollar store and a black marker. Now, I did create this one while my 4 year old nephew was jumping on the bed that I was working on, so it’s far from perfect and he did add a green dot to the on the panels. I could go out and get a new one to replace it, but I figured as far as this project goes, a little imperfect is what makes it perfect.

**Full Disclosure I hate my hand writing, if I had a friend who was with me while I was working on it I would have used their writing.**


Her dressers were brown and old and I didn’t have the cash to buy new ones, so I saw a tutorial about spray painting over the old dressers from the 70’s.

It worked…mostly. I decided to do the small one first, I went withan Ivory/off white/ antique white spray paint. I have never spray painted before in my life, so I had no real idea what to expect. Sanding the dressers was the part that needed the most attention. I did go buy a palm sander Thank Goodness I made that decision or I’d still be sanding.


Another important thing to do here is MAKE SURE IT CLEAN. I washed these twice before I tried to paint and STILL ended up with Dog hair in the paint. The spray paint I used was a primer + paint, and it took two coats…might even have been three before I thought the coverage was good enough. With the bigger dresser I ran out (of course) and the place where I bought the paint didn’t have any more of the colour I was using (of course) and when I went over for a second coat with a slightly darker colour it bubbled. It was at that point where I decided maybe it was best to buy a new dresser, but sort on cash we decided to paint the worst of it black, and re-asses in the spring. 

Here's the small dresser.


Oh right, the headboard, there were four mini-projects! I had this headboard and decided to put it on Moms bed, there are wooden parts of it that I wanted to paint red, but my red was pink…..

I consulted the guys who are working on out bathroom renovation, they said with two maybe three more coats (so 4 or 5 coats) it might be red, I was running out of time so I picked up some back. This headboard also has this detail where the wood and metal meet, needless to say I got paint ALL OVER it, so I covered it with black ribbon. I think it probably works better than the red would have.


I picked up a curtain rod to hang the tapestry from, I was stumped on how else to hang it. 



Spray painting is more hassle than it’s worth, but on a budget it's a good idea. Some Pinterest Projects are doable even if you have no skills. Pay a professional painter to paint for you if you can, and have amazing friends.


Some projects will seem huge but if you break them down into Mini projects, it becomes manageable.