Oprah Winfrey just RAISED THE BAR!!

If you only watch one speech in full from the Golden Globes, make it Oprah’s speech for winning Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award. If you do, you'll understand why people are calling it the most inspirational speech they have ever seen, and SOME people are even calling for her to run for President in 2020! 

Actress Reese Witherspoon even tweeted: 

I will now officially divide time like this : Everything that happened before @Oprah speech : Everything that will happen after.

— Reese Witherspoon (@RWitherspoon) January 8, 2018

Regardless of WHAT the speech makes you feel, you will feel something. 
One C100 listener expressed anger yesterday, because he felt that Oprah was one of the many women who knew about Harvey Weinstein's history of sexual misconduct and said nothing. The listener has since deleted his comment, but it got me thinking... 

Calling a woman like Oprah a hypocrit, or complicit, or accussing her of not speaking out sooner is really a misrepresentation of the way sexual harassment works. Think about it... we all know someone who had a "Harvey Weinstein" in her life (whether it was someone of power of authority who made her feel uncomfortable -- or did worse). You may even BE someone who had a "Harvey Weinstein" in her life - I know I did. And most of us were NOT rushing to scream from the rooftops, calling out that person in our life, because if we HAD then we would have been accused of not being able to take a joke, or we would have been outcasted in our industries - we would have faced ramifications, even though we had done nothing wrong. 
So we did all we knew how to do: laugh it off, uncomfortably. Grin and bear it. Be polite, like a good girl should. 
So, much like WE can't change the past...celebrities like Oprah also can't change what they DIDN'T say, or how they DIDN'T react in the past.
But THEY CAN say something now...and MAN did Oprah say it LOUD AND CLEAR!!!