Peter Harrison - The Legacy Letters with Janice Landry

“I am deeply honoured and humbled that the people involved have entrusted their stories and legacy letters to me. It’s my hope their messages help others grappling with the effects of trauma and underline the importance of supporting those who repeatedly risk their own safety in service,” -Janice Landry

Janice Landry’s latest book, The Legacy Letters, explores and exposes the indelible marks of trauma. The book is a poignant journey through the lasting impacts of tragedy on the families left behind and the personnel who work around trauma day-in and day-out. The book includes 17 Canadians, from six provinces, who have written 15 poignant and powerful legacy letters – providing rare insights into the hearts and minds of those who have walked through horror to hope.

Says Landry of this, her fourth book, “I sincerely hope this project helps spark tips or new leads in the unsolved cases discussed, as well as others. These families, and many like them, deserve justice and answers.”

The stories include high-profile unsolved crimes widely covered by the media, which have left a profound impact on the both the author and the public. Those cases include: the 1989 disappearance of Parrsboro native, Kimberly McAndrew, and the 1992 murder, in Nova Scotia, of British Columbia’s Andrea King.

Janice Landry’s conversation about The Legacy Letters is at the link below. -Peter