​ Ryan Reynolds Is In His 2nd Bromance Of The Year, 3rd of His Career

Ryan Reynolds, Canadian heartthrob and kind of famous actor is in his second bromance of the year.

While attending the Golden Globes back in January, Mr. Reynolds locked lips with Mr. Andrew Garfield after Ryan Gosling beat the two in their category. 



This isn't Ryan Reynolds first bromance either. He's shown his affection for Hugh Jackman multiple times, especially on Instgram.


However, it seems Ryan Reynolds is back on the playing the field. He's currently on a press tour for his upcoming film Life with Jake Gyllenhaal, and the two seem to be having a lot of fun!



There's also multiple videos of the two giggling and joking around with interviewers.

Interview 1:



Interview 2:



Jimmy Fallon Breakdown: