Should You Drink Wine With That: Tacos?

Taco Tuesday is a thing I talk about often, not because I always do it, but because I always encourage it. Wine Wednesday is also a thing I talk about often, but only because I definitely always do it. So why not combine the two?

Tacos are great because tacos are flexible. You can put anything on them and they'll taste good (including pineapple).
Wine is great because there's more than one kind - just like tacos. No matter what bottle of whatever wine you have, there's a taco for it.
The bonus is if you have a bottle of both red and white you get to be creative.

Pair red wine with red meat(s)

Why? Because red wine goes best with savoury food.
Beef and cheese is almost always a recommended pairing for red wine. This is a classic taco matched with a classic wine, you can't go wrong.

Recommended recipe:

Pair white wine with chicken

Why? Because white wine paired with sauvignon blanc is a match made in heaven. White meat is recommended over dark, and try to keep the toppings mostly green (the recipe below includes avocado, an essential chicken taco ingredient).

Recommended recipe:

Pair white wine with fish

Why? Because full-bodied white wine and fish (especially salmon) are recommended pairings. A creamy and light taco paired with Chardonnay is a personal favourite.
The recipe below includes slaw (for creaminess) and little to no spice (for lightness).

Recommended recipe:

Pair white wine or red wine with vegan tacos.

Why? Because you'll want to be drunk to eat one of those.
No offence.

If you don't feel like cooking keep it local and go to Habaneros on South Park Street. They're basically the Subway of gourmet tacos. 3 tacos for $12 is totally worth it. They are that good.

If you don't have any wine and need a quick recommendation, Peter Harrison's blog has you covered: