Summer Team 100: Bluenose Weekend

As most of you probably know this weekend was the Bluenose Marathon! We had SO. MUCH. FUN. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing, everyone brought such a positive energy to each and every event, especially the races themselves. Saturday was super fun since it was the kids race and we may have painted a record amount of blue noses that day!! Just about every kid in sight was repping a bluenose. Our booth was set up right next to Oasis Juice (lucky, we know), so the entire weekend we were getting hooked up with all kinds of delicious juices and smoothies. The warm weather was an awesome addition to this weekend, we finally got to roll down all the windows and crack the sunroof in our 2019 Subaru Outback from SteeleSubaru, and it’s about time. Today we were at the finish line cheering on every runner as they crossed that line, whether they ran the 10km, 15km, half-marathon, or full marathon! It was super touching to see how much it meant to some people to cross that line, and we gotta say, it felt good to be among the people congratulating them. If you ever wonder why people run marathons or why it means so much to them, just do yourself a favour and go plant yourself at the finish line of a marathon, and watch someone’s hard work pay off with a remarkable sense of accomplishment. Each and every one of the runners put in a lot of work to do what they did, and we’re so happy we could be there to support them. As we were told today; runners are truly a different breed.


Next week we’ll be going by Park Lane Mall to hopefully get some summer shopping done in celebration of Nova Scotian weather cracking above 20°! You know we also got to drop by The Halifax Waterfront to hit the hammocks or grab some cows.....or both. Follow suit, come and join us!