Summer Team 100 hits Magic Mountain for Bell Media Day 2019


Hey guys what’s going on, it’s your #SummerTeam100. This past week was an absolute blast, we were spoiled with fun on Thursday, July 11 with the privilege of going to Magic Mountain for Bell Media Day 2019! We had been looking forward to this trip for so long and we have to say, we were not disappointed. 


We hit the road at 7 AM on the dot in our trusty Subaru Outback, instantly started jamming to some tunes together to get into the mood for the day. When we got to Magic Mountain, we started setting up just outside the water park, right by the lazy river. Winners of our free passes to Magic Mountain started rolling in for their complimentary lunch, with pizza, chips, and some drinks including our favourite; Oasis Juice. There were free lunches going on at 12PM, 12:30 PM, and 1 PM. While our guests were eating and mingling, we went around taking some awesome pictures and chatting up some conversations with some really great people.


After the lunches were finished and everyone had cleared out to hit the park, we and the other Bell Media Radio stations had the opportunity to shoot a little TV Spot for CTV Morning Live. It was a lot of fun, until we got absolutely drenched by the wave pool, even worse is the fact we hadn’t even changed into our swim gear. But alas, we won’t complain about it too much since we had tons of fun nevertheless. While shooting the spot, we talked with some of the stations from Fredericton, who were extremely down to earth and up-beat and we would even go as far to say they’re almost as cool as us.



Finally, the moment we had been waiting for; hitting the parks. Keegan had been dying to hit the kamikaze, while Kirsten was aching to chill along the lazy river. We hit a few other rides and attractions along the way, but by far the highlight of the park had to be the soft serve ice cream we got. Immediately after we finished off those sweet, sweet ice cream cones, we decided to take a little breather and bathe in the sun and get our tan on. After a short break (and maybe a little nap), we decided to hit the bumper cars to finish off the day. We had a little competition with the other stations and we definitely won, but was that even a question?


If you or anyone you know has not come to visit us when we’re around Halifax, we are extremely upset and would quite like it if you came and saw us. Don’t forget we are also giving away two more $1500 shopping sprees to Park Lane Mall, so sign up ASAP!!!! Next week we’ll also be hanging around the Halifax Waterfront asking you guys what you love most about the Waterfront, so share your thoughts! #SummerTeam100, signing off.