#SummerTeam100 Takes on Canada Day 2019

st 19 canada day alderney landing

Hey everyone! Summer Team 100 here, checking in after a busy week and long weekend! As you know, Canada Day was just last Monday and there was SO. MUCH. Stuff happening!! Even though through the day we had some rain, that didn’t stop anyone from any of the activities happening throughout Halifax! Unfortunately, we couldn’t go to every event, but we had so much fun at the ones we were able to attend.


We started our day in the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo Parade with our trusty Outback from Steele Subaru. We were so excited to be in the parade, and the amount of people who came out to watch was incredible! Being able to see everyone in their red, white and maple leafs was definitely a sight to see!

After the parade we went to the Halifax Commons for the Skyhawks Parachute and the Fuse Fest! Unfortunately, due to the weather the Skyhawks Parachute was unable to take place, but the parachuters were still at the Halifax Commons to hangout with everyone!



The Fuse Fest was crazy! We had some rain in the afternoon but it didn’t stop anyone at the Fuse Fest from enjoying the bouncy castles, live performances, food trucks and checking out military vehicles!! We can’t forget about the 8 Canada flag cakes they had for everyone or all of the Oasis juice we got to give out!!! 

We got to hit up the biggest concert in Halifax at Alderney Landing! This was the main event of the day with headliner A-Trak, some opening acts included Josh Kelly, Carmen Townsend, Kallitechnis, Ellevator and The Sorority! We have to say, this was a crazy line up!! Each act pumped everyone up as we waited for A-Trak who also killed it! The night finished off with incredible fireworks that left everyone in awe!


Stayed tuned for where we’ll be next week! Summer Team 100 signing off.