Team 100's Summer Bucket List

What's up guys? Team 100 has been working HARD. Canada day alone we worked from 7 in the morning to 9 at night. Thankfully we have the BEST job ever and it doesn't actually feel like work, we're literally paid to have fun! Anyway, I feel like a lot of you can relate when you look back on the summer and think "what the HECK did I do?". It's tricky, when you work full time on your days off you kind of just want to binge Netflix shows all day. So we're going to help you with a little tip, make a summer bucket list of 10 things (one a week) you want to do all summer and use your weekends to complete it!

Here she is:

  1. Visit Magic Mountain: You can catch Team 100 here on July 12th, my goal is to go on every waterslide!
  2.  See Live Music: I know with everyone hitting up the trendiest music festivals your wallet started to tear up a little from just reading this, but have no fear! Live music isn't necessarily a concert. You can easily hit up any of the live music events in the city on ANY GIVEN DAY (ahhh Halifax, I love you).  The Coast has an excellent list!  
  3. ALL THE BEACHES:  Okay, so I understand this isn’t everyone’s forte, but hear me out. Most beaches aren’t just about lying in the sand. You can go on a hike through the forest, look for cool fossils and shells, take pretty pictures, read a book, get some work done, pack a picnic, the opportunities are endless!
  4. Go on an Ice Cream date: Or by yourself! As long as you take advantage of the fact that ice cream literally tastes 100 times better on a hot day. Dietary restrictions got ya down? My favorite ice cream place, Dee-Dee’s always has a vegan option!
  5. Walk Puppies at the SPCA: Okay this is important! There are SO many good boys longing for love that you can stop by and cheer up!
  6. Read a Good Book: Right now I’m reading “A Handmaids Tale” by Margaret Atwood.
  7. Go to “Get Air”:  This is a good rainy day activity!
  8. Go Berry Picking: I’m going to turn purple from all the blueberries I plan on eating.
  9. Have a Bon Fire: There is nothing better. Change my mind.
  10. Have Fun!: It’s funny  that I need to remind people of this, but it’s so important. Hopefully by the end of this list you can say you have J


Until next week,

Team 100

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