The Halifax Pride Parade Experience with #SummerTeam100

st19 Pride Keegan and Kirsten

Hey everyone, it’s your #summerteam100 back with another blog for you this week! We have had a pretty wild week this week with Pride kicking off in full force, and we had the pleasure of walking in the glamorous Halifax Pride Parade.

Bright and early Saturday morning, we loaded up our Outback from Steele Subaru with all of the essentials, you know, water, C100 Swag, and Oasis Juice. The parade kicked off at the Halifax Dockyard and instantly everyone was having an amazing time, even the blazing heat couldn’t dry out the energy.




All through the parade people were cheering, laughing, smiling, you name it. We cannot think of any other way to describe the atmosphere other than ecstatic. We walked for about an hour and a half from Barrington, then onto Spring Garden, finishing off on South Park Street. Every street was just as rowdy and gleeful as the last. 


This is a day we will not forget, and if you haven’t attended the parade before, we highly recommend that you do, it’s something we believe everyone should experience. But Pride Week isn’t over yet, we will be around town spreading and keeping that energy going until it’s completed on the 28th. So be sure to look out for us next week at various spots such as the Halifax Waterfront and Park Lane Mall. #summerteam100, signing off.