The Vegan Diaries: 10 pounds later....

That picture basically sums up my summer minus the sleeping and working. I really indulged in food this summer. So much so, I gained 10 pounds. This is the first time since I lost 40 pounds that my discipline went out the door and I just enjoyed food.

10 pounds isn’t a big deal, whatever I can lose that over the next couple of months…or so I thought.

One of my oldest, best friends is getting married next week and I was lucky enough to be asked to be her maid of honour. We ordered our dresses from China and when it came in it was already tight. This hadn’t occurred to me until my mother pointed it out to me. The wedding and dress are in Montreal and I’m flying in the day of the wedding which means no time for alterations.

So, back to being super disciplined. So long ice cream, popcorn and beer and hello kale and sweet potato and hard core workouts every day.

Fingers crossed I fit in my dress next week lol. Wish me luck!